We have been told that wearing black makes us look thin. Black clothing has become much more than funeral or cocktail party attire. It used to be inappropriate to wear black to a wedding. Not anymore. Black evening dresses make up at least half of the outfits at every wedding or cocktail reception. In fact, it is still the main staple of many women's wardrobes - and this is especially true if the woman is over a size two.

We have filled our closets and drawers with outfit after outfit more depressing than a rainy day simply because we want to appear slender. How ridiculous is that? First of all, we aren't all slender. Half of all American women are over a size fourteen, and half of those women are over a size twenty. That's no reason to dress like we're headed to a funeral. Wake up ladies!

The simple truth is that 50 years ago, a full-figured woman was not only more accepted, she was found to be quite attractive by society at large. Why is that different now? What changed? Although we should all strive to be healthy, celebrating who we are, as we are right now is powerful and fabulous. We are not a cookie-cutter society here in this country. We are taught the value of the individual from the first days we get here. Who you are and your personal style is a great thing! It is something to develop with joy and a sense of daring fun. After all, why not?

Plus size fashion is FUN. It is a hugely intimate expression of who you are as a woman. It can translate everything from what you do for a living to the mood you are in that day. Exploring the vibrant colors of the rainbow, discovering what works well with your skin tones and complexion, and throwing away (one by one) the closet full of funeral garb can be a cause for celebration! One outfit at a time, you can discover a new woman - one worth spending a few dollars on to express her best assets and her sense of style.

And if you don't know where to begin, simply start with the holidays and the seasons. Treat yourself to a vibrant pink blouse for Valentine's Day or a bright lime green skirt for St. Patrick's Day. Choose a beautiful orange sweater for the first day of autumn and a yellow jacket for the start of spring. There is no good reason anymore NOT to have fun with color in your wardrobe.

Go crazy and express yourself with a splash of color every chance you get. Collect a host of vibrant silk scarves to accent your wardrobe as you begin this process. You'll be surprised at the reactions of others and how happy it just might make you feel.

After all, it's a beautiful life and well worth "painting the town red" to fully enjoy! Get out there and go for it ladies! Have fun!

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