Do you squeeze into a dress or outfit, because you are hung up on the "size tag"?.

Even though you can't breathe, and that annoying bulge has found another place to pop out from, you stand in front of the mirror, and pray the zipper doesn't rip or that you can somehow get through the day or evening without taking a deep breath and hearing a rip... just so you can say you fit into that smaller size.

Our body image should not be dictated by a number on a size tag. There are so many fashion houses out there now, that are using different sizing scales, so that one company could fit you well at size 14, yet another may have you in a size 16 for the same fit.

The fact is, when you wear an outfit that is one size too small, it actually makes you look bigger, because those little bulges that you are trying to hide work with the laws of gravity, and will always find another place to pop out!.

Take a few different sizes into the fitting room, and go for comfort and fit, there are so many great fashions out there now for the plus size girl, (6 out of 10 women are plus size) that you can look slimmer and walk taller and feel good about yourself. You just need to come away from that size tag mentality. If it really bothers you, cut the size tag off as soon as you get home.

Everyone around you is going to notice how great you look, and are not likely to come up to you and try and sneak a peek at the size!. You need to be able to move, breathe and feel good. If you find that perfect outfit, and you just can't hide an annoying bulge, you can purchase body shapers now that fit like a second skin.. just to smooth out the bumps, not to get you into a smaller size! Lets get out of that "size tag mindset" and have fun with the latest styles and fashions for the season. Plus size stores, online and offline, are carrying some of the latest fashions that will have you looking great for this season.

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