For a Plus Size Girl, weddings and proms can be a frustrating event. Not only are the latest and greatest fashions, displayed on a size 2 manikin, they do not have the same appeal when you try them on in a size 14 and up.

Statistics show, that six out of every 10 women are considered Plus Size, and many of these girls, are just big frames, not really a large size at all. But when they go shopping in the regular malls, they will find dresses that are geared for much smaller and lighter framed girls.

Plus size stores have started popping up around the cities, as the retailers see that there is a need, but still many of the styles do not flatter the plus size girl. Girls start crash dieting to try and fit in with the norm, or squeeze themselves into dresses that just don't fit.

If you eat well, and exercise your body, and you are a size 14, then that is your size. Stop looking at the scale and use a tape measure only. Measure yourself properly, do not suck everything in to look an inch smaller, take you actual measurement, and then head for stores that will find a dress that will fit you.

You do not want to be fainting on your wedding day, or when dancing with your boyfriend at your prom, you want to remember it, and have a good time. One of the best ways to look gorgeous on your wedding day, or prom date, is to find a dress that fits all of your curves. It doesn't pull in one place, and bulge out another. If you wear a dress that is too small, you will actually look chunkier than if you get a dress that fits you well.

There are so many great styles out there now, designers are sharpening their pencils and coming up with some really hot looks, and you are not limited to the local mall for your plus size prom dresses and wedding dresses. Start taking a good look at some online stores. The internet is a huge shopping mall, and there are some great sites that cater to the plus size girl, and all of her curves.

Get the right style and size of dress and you will stand tall, look slimmer and feel like a million bucks. Get the size tag out of your head, and use it as a guide only for your measurements, then just go by the fit, and not the number.
plus size prom dresses

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